Hiking in Dolomites and in Italy

Walking is the activity most natural for the humans. Hiking in Dolomites, and trekking in Italy, along the internal mountains and the picturesque coasts of my amazing country are a unforgettable experience for everyone.

mountain holiday

The new proposals of the trekking in the Mediterranean sea are the logical evolution to discover the history and local traditions of the most important cultures of the old continent.
Start now to build your holiday with these customized programs!
These, are only some ideas to begin the discussion of your personal tour:


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The most classical trekkink in the central Dolomite territory, (5 days).


walking programsNorthern Dolomites Trek

The northern trek is a unforgettable Dolomites hiking, a great experience for every hiker.


trekking dolomites pasubio WW1WW1 Pasubio Dolomites Trek

The most impressive trek along the first line of the front of the World War One in the Dolomites.


hiking in the dolomitesHiking in the Dolomites

The best and classical trekking of the Dolomites in modular form (3-6 days).


hiking dolomitesTrekking in South Tyrol 

A unusual trek to discover the authentic local traditions of the old Tyrol (3 days)


trekking dolomites Trekking in the Cinque Terre

The most beatiful trekking along the nicest and caracteristical coast of Italy (3-6 days).


hiking dolomitesHiking in Southern Italy

Discover the not touristical coastal areas of Italy on the mountains full of history (2 days or more).