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Your dream can be real with our customised programs


The Dolomites are the most impressive mountains of the world: an incredible labyrinth of big walls into a complex grid of valleys, where Bolzano is an optimal base camp with luxury hotels and a modern airport dedicated at the private flights.

If you are looking for Luxury Dolomites tours to learn the climbing art, you can do it at best with our VIP customised programs. Step to step, from before your arrive, we will follow your preparation and training.

Rock climbing or via ferrata climbing in the great Dolomites mountains is an unforgettable experience that can change your visual of the life and can increase your self-control and your autostimate.

Take 15 min of your time to analyse our Luxury Dolomites tours proposal.


The Luxury Dolomites Tours begin with a exclusive accommodation

In a charming corner of the city center stands proud a Renaissance castle. Surrounded by four majestic towers and an extended garten Hörtenberg Castle, at a glance, looks out of time, a peaceful and quiet oasis a stone’s throw away from the medioval downtown.
Now, after a radical resturctoration, Castle Hoertenberg is an exclusive five stars residence in Bolzano with every facilities of this level but, in adjunct, with a rare quiete ambientation.

luxury dolomites tours



Arrive in the Dolomites is really easy

You can landing directly at the modern airport of Bolzano (ADB Airport) dedicated at the private mini-jets traffic. (10 min by to the centre of the town).

luxury dolomites tours

Or in alternative with regular flight in many airports in the vicinities, Then with private shuttle mini-bus services or regular railways you can arrive to Bolzano.

Bolzano is in a perfect central position into the Dolomites territory, where we can start our tours for every destination.

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A Experienced level guide specialised in Luxury Dolomites Tours

mountain guide Roberto Iacopelli, luxury dolomites toursYou can assume info about me in my “about me” webpage, but much better and total transparent you can read the impressions of many clients in my “Google My Business” account.

This is the best visit card of my operate.




Equipments and clothing

We will provide every technical climbing equipment, you need have only mountain trekking clothing. You can buy optimal mountain clothing of the main international brands in the great “Mountain spirit shop” in Bolzano

Dolomites backpack, luxury dolomites tours



Our idea of Luxury Dolomites tours is based on flexible programs

Build, step to step, your personal program with the modules here below

Here below you can read the descriptions of the suggested activities that are modular session for the different activities. This is the main trace to set at better your preferences in maximal flexibility.


DAY1 – Introduction at the climbing

50 min by car from Bolzano
1,15 hr walking approach
2 hrs + 2 hrs climbing time
50 min walk back to the parking

Via Ferrata Dolomites: Via Ferrata Roda de Vael, luxury dolomites tours

If you are beginner, the first day is dedicated at the approach at the “vertical world” with a first part dedicated at the climbing on via ferrata and the secon part dedicsted ar the pure rock-climbing art on different cliffs of some rock blocks allocated in a fantastic ambient along our way back. The best place is absolutely the Roda di Vael on the Catinaccio Dolomites near Bolzano, where we can combine the both activities in one single day. The reason is that is important for you to have a immediately a first approach at 360 degrees to understand at better your preferences and capacities. This day is the first important step to build your personal program for the next days.



DAY2 – Via Ferrata Tridentina

1 hr by car from Bolzano
15 min walking approach
3 hrs climbing time
2 hrs walk back to the parking

luxury dolomites tours, Via Ferrata Dolomites: Via Ferrata Schuster

We can complete the introductional Via Ferrata experience with the great classical: “Via Ferrata Tridentina”, the most famous via ferrata of the Dolomites! Basic characteristic of this climbing is that the line of the ascension envelop the Exner Tower and at the end traverse on the Sella massiv with a suspended bridge! It’s a highlight for every Dolomites explorer at first experience!



DAY3 – Rock-climbing the Sella Towers

1 hr by car from Bolzano
30 min walking approach
3-4 hrs climbing time
2 hrs abseiling and scrambling down back to the parking


If you are ready to try the great walls of the Dolomites, we will climb the Sella Towers along one of the many rock-climbing routes at the right level for you. This group of towers, located in a panoramic position on the Central Dolomites looks as the minarets of the great Blue Mosque of Instanbul…. watch my video here below!



2 DAYS – Ice climbing on the Glacier of Similaun

First day: 3,5 hrs of walking approach to the Rifugio Similaun (3019 m.). Total vertical step 1319 m.

Second day: 4-5 hrs for the ascension on the glacier with crampons to the peak and return to the RIfugio + 3 hrs walking back on the valley.

luxury dolomites tours

The Similaun peak (3606 m.) and his long glacier are the perfect approach at the ice high mountains activity. On the north side of this glacier, was found the famous Ice-Men (the mummified preistorical hunter mamed Oetzi that now you can visit at the Bolzano archeological museum with his complete equipment in perferct conditions of conservation).

The ascension on the main peak of the Similaun is along a easy glacier with a great panoramic view. Live the traverse into a great glacier is a unforgottable experience for everybody! There ar’nt other definition for this amazing tour!

This optional proposal need a good basic fitness and the adaptability at the Rifugio life standards.

You find more info about this aspect directy at the webpage of RIfugio Similaun / Similaunhuette:

luxury dolomites tours



2 DAYS – Via Ferrata trekking hut to hut

The experience of the via ferrata trekking, hut to hut, is the most characteristic aspect of the Dolomites mountaineering. A great experience to live the Dolomites… a highlight experience for every Dolomites explorer!

In this optional proposal, with a large advance of reservation, you can have at the Rifugio your separate room.

First DAY – Via Ferrata Roda de Vaèl

Walking to the approach: 1.30 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 3.30 hrs
Walking to the next Rifugio: 1.30 hrs
Total time of this day: 6.30 hrs

The first day we begin with a easy and short via ferrata in the central Dolomites: Via Ferrata of the Roda de Vael. This via ferrata on the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountains is a traverse tour that climb the Roda de Vael peak from the north to the south side. The technical difficult are moderate as the exposition in the wall, guarantee is the 360° panorama around the central, western, and part of the southern and eastern Dolomites. Arrive on the evening at Rifugio Fronza alle Coronelle.

Second DAY – Via Ferrata Santner

Walking to the approach: 0.40 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 2.30 hrs
Walking to the next Rifugio: 3.00 hrs
Total time of this day: 6.10 hrs

The second day we continue with the Via Ferrata Santner, the logic continuation along the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountains. This is a historical via ferrata,a tipical example of the old concept of via ferrata in the Dolomites. Part with iron wire and part in scrambling (with my climbing rope). Descence on the valley and way back to Bolzano.



Why in this program are not exposed the prices?

A luxury customised program can’t have exposed prices!

Every program is taylor made on the exigencies of every client, for this reason every price will be builded at every specific requirement with detailed explanations.



Are you looking for others programs about the via ferratas? 


via delle bocchetteVia Ferrata delle Bocchette – Brenta

The famous and classical traverse, hut to hut, of the Brenta Dolomites (3-5 days).


Via Ferrata course in the Dolomites

The best target for your holiday in the Dolomites, a customised via Ferrata course (1-3 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites logo

More specific programs and thematic informations are available in my dedicated web page: “Via Ferrata Dolomites”

Via Ferrata Dolomites garda lakeVia Ferrata in winter at the Garda Lake

Only the Dolomites offer us the possibility to climb in winter (1-7 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites PasubioVia Ferrata in the Pasubio Dolomites

A amazing area of the Dolomites, theatre of the most great battles of the WW1 (2-4 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites easternVia Ferrata in the Eastern Dolomites

The great Dolomites! With the longest and difficult via ferratas on enormous walls (3-10 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites SouthernVia Ferrata in the Southern Dolomites

The Pale di San Martino are a “mandatory” trek for expert hikers (2-4 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites beginnersVia Ferrata Program for beginners

Are you a total beginner? This is your “tailor made trekking tour” (1-6 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites FamilyVia Ferrata Program for families

A unforgettable experience for kids / youngs and terrified moms… (1-7 days).


Via Ferrata Dolomites ArcoOne day on the best WW1 Via Ferrata

Have you only one day free? And not in summer?…. No problem! This is your solution.

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